Have you registered for the Bag Lady Bus Tour?  You can register online at:  https://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/3605868

Last year’s totals:

Total income: $29,082.76 – Breakdown of income: $3,809 (bus sponsors); $3,980 (online registrations); $4,474.14 (donations night of tour); $16,819.62 (income from Queen candidates and Bag Lady Showcase).

Total expenses: $4,638 ($3,612 for bus rental; $615.45 printing palm cards/posters/signage; $106.65 awards; $103.95 crown & sash; $199.95 ID badges and toner.

$17,000 was donated at the Red Party (the evening of the AIDS Walk) to be matched = $34,000

Grand total of funds raised and donated to the Gregory Powers Direct Emergency Assistance (DEFA) Fund = $41,444.76.

Thanks to everyone who rode the buses; the Bus Sponsors (Bryan, Tim, Karl, Chad, Cortney, Tom, Jerry, Greg & Jerrod), the Bus Escorts & volunteers; Bus Hostesses; Bars and Restaurants that participated; Scott (Scooter) Needham, Mary Page, Tess Roberts, Karen Richardson, Margaret Sheehan; Jennifer Plunkett, Jim Agen, Nic Hensley; Philip Dopson and his collection/counting team; and to everyone who donated!

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Cadillac Barbie (Gary Brackett)