The purpose of the Bag Lady Queen is community service and fundraising.  The role of Bag Lady Queen should include attendance at no less than ¾ of all Bag Lady sponsored events.  This does not include any events held by individual Bag Ladies.  Annual events like Cadillac Barbie’s Disco Brunch, Sequoia Pentecost & Rachel Yoder’s Country/Gospel Brunch and any other named sake events are excluded.

The competition for Bag Lady Queen should open no earlier than six (6) months from the date of the tour – April. After that time, anyone can apply to be Queen up to the day of the Bag Lady Queen Pageant.  Points will be awarded in the following categories:

  • Fundraising
  • Attendance at BL sponsored events
  • Attendance at community events

In keeping with tradition, the input from former Queens at the end of the Bus Tour will affect the final outcome.  Only those Queens in attendance at the time of the vote will be allowed to provide input and vote.

The following breaks down the guidelines in each of the categories.


  • Tips received at regularly scheduled Bag Lady Shows will not count towards money raised to become Bag Lady Queen.
  • Contestants should raise money by soliciting donations and organizing an event.  Only money raised by the contestant will be given credit. Contestants should state the following in ALL advertisements of their events:  (Insert Bag Lady name) presents (insert name of event) to raise money to become Bag Lady Queen.
  • All money must be turned as soon as possible (preferably at the end of each event to the Bag Lady Coordinator or his designee).  To count towards funds raised, ALL funds must be turned into the Coordinator night of the Bag Lady Queen Showcase before the show begins.
  • Contestants may ask for guidance from former queens on organizing an event but they are discouraged from including former queens as organizers, hosts, or personnel at their event.

Attendance at BL sponsored events

  • Contestants should attend and participate in as many events as possible in some capacity (performing, counting money, working the spotlight, etc.)

Attendance at Community events- this includes but not limited to the following

  • Circle City IN Pride Events
  • Grande Masquerade
  • Spotlight
  • Hoosier 250
  • TGIF fundraisers
  • Fundraisers for local community charities